Karen Phytoplankton SALE

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Tablets 30’s
        Regular Retail $37.99
           SALE PRICE $32.99
                  (SAVE $5.00)


                   Powder 15g

        Regular Retail  $49.99
           SALE PRICE $39.99
                 (SAVE $10.00)




                Lotion 100mL
         Regular Retail $29.99
            SALE PRICE
                  (SAVE $5.00)




                   Ageless 30 Capsules

                Regular Retail  $29.99
                  SALE PRICE $24.99
                            (SAVE $5.00)





Phytoplankton are highly-nutritious green plants that float on the surface of the ocean. These phenomenal green plants are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, protein, and enzymes that can be useful to human health as well.